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What We Do

We Create Trails, Car Stops, & Public Transit Options

  Our priorities are to :

Work with PIPRC to build a pedestrian path from

Danny Martin Park to the School

Work with local land owners to build a contiguous path 
from the Driftwood Center to the Community Hall

Identify the highest risk transportation areas on the 
Pender Islands and assess alternatives for improving safety

MAP is also responsible for maintaining trails that have been built
by MAP (including  Monty's Trail, Valley Home Farm Trail, Armdale Loop
and George Hill East Trail) as well as maintaining the Car Stops

that were established by MAP in 2009

Trail pic_edited.jpg

MAP has has been instrumental in creating trails on private property  on Pender Island, facilitated by partnering with trail groups on other SGIs to provide liability insurance for landowners.

MAP trails:  Monty's trail, Valley Home Farm trail, Armadale Loop Trail, George Hill East Trail, and Molly's Trail [in-the-works]

2023-Barry Methias-2.JPG
Bus image.JPG

In 2017 MAP created a bus service, run and operated by  volunteers who dedicated hundreds of hours of their time to making the service a success.  When COVID hit the community in 2020 the service was discontinued, and the bus sold. 

Hopefully,  to rise again as a clean, green electric bus with paid bus drivers!

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